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Picture libraries and other useful resources

Access to archives

Searchable database containing catalogues describing archives held throughout England and dating from the 900s to the present day.



Searchable picture archive of art and architecture including monuments

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National Heritage Organisations

British Academy

The National Academy for the Humanities and Social Sciences.


A resource for church maintenance issues developed by the Church of England in association with the Council for Care of Churches and Ecclesiastical Insurance.

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Ancient Monuments Society

Society for the study and conservation of ancient and historic buildings and craftsmanship in the UK

British Archaeological Association

Promotes the study of archaeology, art and architecture and promotes the preservation of antiquities

Discovering and recording creative art, craftmanship and all things worthy of recording inside the nation’s places of worship, with their historical, community and religious significance.


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Right: detail from the monumental brass to Ralph Hamsterley, rector, fellow of Merton College, Oxford, [died 1518], represented as a skeleton in shroud eaten by worms, from Oddington, Oxfordshire. Photo: ©Martin Stuchfield