Monumental Brass Society

County Series

Since 1992 seventeen county volumes have been published which describe and illustrate brasses from medieval times right up to the present day. Each volume is fully indexed, making it a valuable resource for family and local historians, and also contains a chronological listing of pre-1700 figure brasses with styles of engraving for the connoisseur. 5841 pages have been produced, including 4518 illustrations,
about half of them of brasses either never before illustrated or illustrated inadequately.

Objectives of the series

  • To publish fully illustrated volumes, adhering to historic county boundaries.
  • To provide an update of the entries as they appear in the List of Monumental Brasses in the British Isles, compiled by Mill Stephenson, (published in 1926 with an Appendix in 1938) incorporating any changes, further sources of illustration and stylistic information.
  • To illustrate all brasses listed by Mill Stephenson, important compositions, inscriptions and palimpsest reverses.
  • To record all modern brasses in the churches searched and to illustrate outstanding examples.
  • To record lost brasses and illustrate these from old rubbings and drawings whenever practical.
  • To record all indents and illustrate the more noteworthy examples.
  • To search all printed works and relevant manuscripts and produce comprehensive references for each church.
  • To search as many churches as possible within the county concerned.

Can you help?

If you live in, or adjacent to, any of the above or other future counties and would like to help in visiting, recording and rubbing brasses we would be glad to hear from you.
Contact Martin Stuchfield at

or write to

Pentlow Hall
Suffolk CO10 7SP

A copy of the guidelines will be provided or you can download them here.


Please email Martin Stuchfield for further information or download the order form.

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